Here’s the evidence that the Zodiac Killer is alive and busy with a spray can in Cyprus, visual documentary evidence to which only the most obtuse could possibly object:

And if you think that’s the most ridiculous and/or foolish cipher theory you’ve encountered in the last seven days, you obviously haven’t been paying much attention. 🙁

4 thoughts on “Zodiac Killer alive and graffiti-ing in Cyprus…?

  1. Maybe you could write a piece for TLS about how you’ve cracked this one and how the last glyph has been deliberately covered with a poster within which only those who have studied the architecture of Cyprus and have sampled the pleasures of its night-spots can discern the vital keys to the correct decryption.

  2. Patrick: documentaries have been commissioned on scantier premises, so why not? And besides, Ayia Napa has a fantastic foam party every Thursday, it would be ungrateful not to research that in detail.

  3. Roland_Of_Gilead on September 13, 2017 at 10:48 am said:

    Greek here. This seems like a common “Antifa” tag that’s quite widespread in Cyprus and Greece. I hope the Zodiac Killer isn’t also leading the Anarchist movement in central Athens.

  4. Roland_Of_Gilead: in Cyprus, Antifa is active in enabling (rather than organizing) non-fascist football leagues, alternative (and definitely non-bank-bankrolled) music festivals, and hunger strikes in solidarity with refugees.

    Doesn’t really sound like the Zodiac Killer’s kind of thing, though 50 years on who can tell?

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