Robert Morris’ “Written Mnemonics”

Here are the first ten pages of Robert Morris’ “Written Mnemonics” (I bought myself a copy, one of the 3000 that were originally printed in the 1860s):






Denslow’s 1931 book The Masonic Conservators gave examples (although deliberately inexact) of how parts of the cipher worked.


It seems very unlikely that the Written Mnemonics could be decrypted without (a) the carefully large dictionary of Masonic terms that originally went with the little blue booklet of tables; and without (b) the instructions on how to read each table in turn.

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  1. Hi Nick,
    I am a Masonic historian researching the Conservators and 19th c. Masonic ritual. I was wondering if I could use your scanned images of “Written Mnemonics” on a web page about my research project? I will of course give you credit.

    Thank you!

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