Much as I enjoyed watching Micky Bet covering the Voynich Manuscript, I couldn’t help but wonder how much better it would be had it had a slightly funkier script. So (courtesy of the kind people at Overstream) I added my own captions. Enjoy! 🙂

(If you can’t see this in your browser or email client, here’s a direct link to it).

3 thoughts on “Micky Bet Voynich piece, now in English (sort of)…

  1. Magnifico, Signor Nick! But whaddya mean, one of the worst theories is about Dr. Dee? That doesn’t come close to Levitov’s and Stojko’s!

    Signorina Micky should have learned from Britney Spears’ comeback debacle: she’s overweight for a bare-midriff outfit! Unless, of course, she’s imitating one of the nymphs.


  2. “Worst” as in “most long-term damaging” to research. Nobody took Levitov’s and Stojko’s theories even half as seriously, surely?

    I think Micky Bet is just the right size for herself – no size-0 propaganda on my site, please!

  3. I see your point, though Levitov got two, maybe three somewhat positive reviews.

    I also agree about Signorina Bet. I’ve had wild crushes on some pretty hefty women, she’s just not my cut of tea.

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