After extensively meditating on the mysterious star-disk often depicted behind Christ’s head, Wayne Herschel suddenly realized that…

The Christ story probably involved a ‘gold plate’ that was given to Judas by The Christ and it most likely had a secret inscription on it that would show the star map of the sacred lineage of our ancestors.

So… whatever happened to that gold plate and its secret inscription? Wayne believes that he has uncovered a drawing of it in the Voynich Manuscript’s astronomical section:-

The images on the manuscript depict nymphs – souls travelling the cosmos through cosmic wormholes and records of plants that are probably not of this world.

Yes, “cosmic wormholes” (he had previously posted about this here). He continues:-

On one special page [f68r3] it depicts the sacred cross with all the missing detail Wayne was looking for. It had the star secret and a face Sun star at its centre. It has a cluster of seven stars and a little line as if signifying a path of travel to the Sun star very near to the Pleiades, as already discovered by Wayne in many other ancient civilisations!

Here’s Wayne’s vivid illustration of what he sees when he looks at f68r3 (slightly reduced in size from the image on his site, but I’m sure you get the gist):-


But beware! Discoveries this powerfully convincing are all too easy for rival ideologies to appropriate for their own twisted counter-factual historical narratives:-

A New age group ‘Silver Gate’ has already threatened that they will plagiarise and be promoting Wayne’s Voynich findings as well as all of his star map findings and falsely adjust all of them to make it fit their movement, hoping their followers will not know it is altered.

I don’t know what to say. I’ve now seen literally hundreds of Voynich theories in this same general vein, and it is logically true not only that they can’t all be right, but also that they can all be wrong. The secret history of Christ, Judas, John the Baptist, the Pleiades, Orion’s Belt, Voynich, cosmic wormholes, New Age plagiarists… I think I need to lie down in a darkened room until the crushing headache this has given me starts to abate.

Just be grateful that I read all these pages so that you don’t have to. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Voynich Manuscript “cosmic wormhole” theory…

  1. I dunno … I think he may be on to something. If we already have jars, why not plates as well? I’m convinced that the gallows characters are in fact fifteenth century eating irons.

  2. Wayne thank you.

    (wipes away tears of joy)

    This really made my day, today.

  3. PS
    Wayne, if you can get hold of a small book by Emilie Savage-Smith, entitled in part “A thirteenth-century divinatory device”, you should have lots of fun correlating the astronomical and geomantic figures shown there with the star-arrangements of Voynich 68r3.

  4. Thank you, Nick, for attract our attention to this drawing. I just realized that the number of stars varies from one to four. I was obsessed with the text without really seeing the drawing.
    Besides I have proposed some names transcription of this on my blog.

  5. Nice blog! Amazing I never saw it before…..

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