OK, so there’s like another Zodiac film coming out this summer (2017), and it’s like called Awakening The Zodiac. And if that’s not just like totally thrilling enough for you kerrrazy cipher people already, there’s also a trailer on YouTube long enough to eat a couple of mouthfuls of popcorn (maybe three tops):

I know, I know, some haters are gonna say that it’s disrepectful to the memory of the dead, given that the Zodiac claimed to have killed 37 people, and that the film makers are just building cruddy entertainment on top of their families’ suffering. But it’s just Hollllllllllywood, people, or rather about as Hollywood as you can get when you film it on the cheap in Canada. Though if the pitch was much more elaborate than “Storage Hunters meets serial killer”, you can like paint my face orange and call me Veronica.

Seriously, though, I’d be a little surprised if anyone who knows even 1% more than squat about ciphers was involved: if my eyes don’t deceive me, there certainly ain’t no “Oranchak” in the credits. Maybe there’ll turn out to be hidden depths here: but – like the Z340 – if there are, they’re very well hidden indeed.

2 thoughts on ““Awakening The Zodiac”…

  1. It’s already available via video on demand if you want to see it. You can get it on Amazon, Youtube, Vudu, and Google Play.

    There are some reviews from some Zodiac enthusiasts here: http://zodiackillersite.com/viewtopic.php?f=91&t=3095&start=20

    My impression from the reviews is that it’s a surprisingly serviceable but cliched thriller with not much in the way of factual info.

  2. David Oranchak: any time I happen to type the word (factual) near the word (Hollywood) in my blog, my semantic-checking plugin flags an Oxymoron Error. 😉

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