This 2006 oeuvre by Matthew Thomas Farrell in three PDF parts (1, 2 , and 3) seems destined for the Big Fat List of Voynich books/screenplays. Lots of mysterious international dealers in information, Referees, odd (code) names, odd conspiracies, a little bit of Area 51, you get the idea. It’s a bit hard to describe (and, frankly, to read): but maybe that’s the whole point.

*sigh* I think I’d better sit down and update the List soon, it’s starting to get out of control…

One thought on “"Voynich, a cyber-noir screenplay"…

  1. Matthew Thomas Farrell on April 5, 2008 at 10:30 pm said:

    Thanks for the brief write-up of my magnum opus. I had never even heard of the VM until a few years ago, but quickly became addicted and plunged myself into this intriguing and enigmatic subject. My “screenplay” is the result of the research. Each subplot is the (il)logical extension of one of the possibilities explaining the VM: competing secret societies, baroque hoaxes, UFO nuts, and even a coven of vegan lesbian terrorists who are growing the plants.

    I tend to think of this epic as a novel disguised as a screenplay: it’s not all that filmable, but it’s a hoot to read.

    Anyway, glad you liked it enough to give it lip-service on this blog.


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