On Roald Dahl Day 2013

Raise a toast to that Roaldest of Dahls
Whichever world language tu pahl
His witches and twits
And chocolate-based skits
Delight children from here to Nepahl

Lift your glass to that Roaldest of Dahls
Whatever your lodge or cabahl
Read his books and you’ll learn
That his twists and his turns
Are intriguing and never banahl!

Nick Pelling

5 thoughts on “Roald Dahl Day 2013 – a celebratory poem! :-)

  1. Not a “d-hl moment, eh?

  2. Will bend elbows one day..
    at pub.. but no beer for me.. just Scotch a d water..
    Computer down here. Stuck on KInDLe FIRe.


  3. And now that Dahl Day is done
    No need to lament or to moan
    There’s cheer, sure, to follow
    With pirates tomorrow
    and meantime y’r cutlass to hone!.

  4. Mindy Dunn on September 17, 2013 at 9:17 pm said:

    Ahl in ahl a nifty tribute to Roald Dahl. 🙂

  5. TelStar. Just one of many satellites my husband put through vacuum tests B4 they were launched.

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