Here’s my current reading list: make of it what you will.

Shopping in the Renaissance“, Evelyn Welch [just finished, will review here soon]

Of Grammatology“, Jacques Derrida [100 pages in, which is about 98 pages more than most people… but it’s a desperately slow read]

The Occult Sciences in Byzantium“, Paul Magdalino and Maria Mavroudi [about halfway through: a fascinating (if piecemeal) collection of essays]

Secrets of the Code“, Dan Burstein [150 pages in: an interesting compilation of snippets, but all a bit off-topic for a Voynichologist – I was more interested in figuring out how to to compile a Voynich reader, like a more text-based version of D’Imperio]

PopCo“, Scarlett Thomas [50 pages in: will review this shortly]

Lucrezia Borgia“, Sarah Bradford [I’ve not yet started this: but it seems to have lots of interesting Quattrocento texture to look forward to]

Elizabeth’s Spy Master“, Robert Hutchinson [Not yet started]

The Renaissance in Europe: A Reader”, Keith Whitlock [Not yet started]

History of Astrology“, Peter Whitfield [Not yet started: I liked his “The Mapping of the Heavens” and “Mapping The World”, so I have high hopes for this]

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