Just a quick note to Cipher Mysteries email subscribers (and if you’re one of those 20-odd people who seem to drop by nearly every day but without actually subscribing – why not have new posts appear in your inbox? It costs nothing, just click on the box at the top right or get the Cipher Mysteries RSS feed through a feed reader.

You may have noticed that the free service I use to email the current day’s post is from FeedBurner (which was not so long ago acquired by Google). However, despite the fact that there are a quazillion WordPress bloggers out there, FeedBurner’s WordPress integration remains a bit on the thin side.

A few days ago, I made a tentative first step towards fattening this up, by writing my own WordPress Comment “FeedFlare” (a tiny script that uses XML-based transformation magic to do handy things). So, email subscribers should now see a clickable Click Here To Leave A Comment On The Blog! link at the bottom of new posts – clicking on this should take you directly to the “Leave A Comment” section at the bottom of that post, directly on the website.

If I could automatically fill out the fields on the form for you, I would: but this isn’t something that FeedBurner / FeedFlare can currently do, unfortunately. Like I say, support is s bit thin. 🙁

One thought on ““WordPress Comment” FeedFlare (say what?)

  1. Bart on July 5, 2009 at 7:04 am said:

    It seems to work great Nick, but won’t this increase the “20 some” who show up each day on your stats?
    Thanks for doing this series. Your blog is a most welcome head scratch almost every day. Well Done

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